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Loving Your Child’s Brain

Advanced Relationship Training

Do you or your child suffer from a brain injury or mental health challenge that is keeping you from excelling in your work-life, school or
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The Brain Health Evaluation

The Brain Health Evaluation is a comprehensive brain assessment for those interested in understanding what parts of their brain may be working too hard or not hard enough without the cost of a SPECT scan or in order to determine if a SPECT scan and or medical intervention is warranted.  The evaluation includes up to 4 assessment instruments, scoring, and a written review of the results.  The results review includes recommendations for targeted supplements for your specific situation will be discussed to treat your specific brain health situation.


Do you want to move from surviving to thriving? To more than cope with YOUR brain issue and overcome YOUR limitations. 

The Brain Course

Do you want to live a longer better life, be smarter, and happier?  Learn how to optimize your brain no matter its state!

The Brain Course: Care, Psychology, and Physiology: This course is a six-module course that will revolutionize the way you think about your brain.  You will be happier because we will learn how to deal with ANTs and handle depression, anxiety, and just plain old stress better. 

You will be smarter, not just because it is packed with new learning, but you will learn what supplements will boost your brainpower.  Those are just a few of the benefits of watching the Brain Course.


People who have had blows to the head will find hope to recover some of their brain capacity with the presented treatment approaches.  Each episode is designed to give you brain envy and show you how normal damage that happens in life, as well as serious disorders and traumatic brain injuries, can be made significantly better.

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Invest in the most important asset you will ever have - Your Brain.
Overcome your current
limitations and open your
mind to new capabilities.
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A Life Journey

Jim Hendrix
Transformational Speaker
Published Author 
High-Performance Brain
Health Coach

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I am a consultant, mentor, coach, speaker, and author that started my career as a laser engineer in 1980, then a project and program manager 1986.  In 2000, I began a parallel career as a psychotherapist, speaker, and teacher. 
In 2013, I had a psychotic break, lost everything, and had to heal and start over again.  Advanced Relationship Training, the book, is the story of my journey through recovery from mental illness coupled with lessons learned through my practice as a psychotherapist and throughout my life experiences.  Advanced Relationship Training, the mentoring/coaching/consulting service, is about helping high-performers that struggle with stress, overwhelm and/or mental health issues go from surviving to thriving.  Helping them get more time for thier projects and their relationships.  Helping them achieve their dreams.  It is also the platform from which I present my story of overcoming mental illness and supporting and encouraging others that struggle and those that care for people with mental illness.

I also provide high-performance coaching for organizations.  Applying the skills I have learned over a 40-year career as an engineer, manager, and psychotherapist solving difficult problems by applying diverse skills and techniques to the problems that are seemingly unsolvable.

Advanced Relationship Training

Release Date: To be determined

Still in the writing and editing process, Jim Hendrix is publishing blog posts, and video content from the pages of the book in progress.  Stay in contact to keep up to date.


"I write because life is too short not to share the gifts of knowledge I have been blessed with."

Jim Hendrix

Man at Desk

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Get in touch to discover more writings by Jim Hendrix, book a coaching session or a speaking event, and to follow his literary adventures.

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