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Above is a free module of the 6 module brain course.  This course removes the stigma and fault finding and blaming so common with the biological issues that most people think are volitional behaviors.  It will put fear in drug and alcohol users and motivate them to stop.  People who have had blows to the head will find hope to recover some of their brain capacity with the presented treatment approaches.  And all this is illustrated so it is clear to anyone who can see and appreciate obvious differences in images.


Each episode is approximately 55 minutes long and will give you brain envy and show you how normal damage that happens in life, as well as serious disorders and traumatic brain injuries, can be made significantly better.  The course includes a live Q&A session with Jim in either a group or a 1-on-1 session depending on scheduling.

Watch the first episode before you decide to buy. 


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The Brain Health Evaluation is a comprehensive brain assessment for those interested in understanding what areas of their brain may be working too hard or not hard enough without the cost of a SPECT scan or in order to determine if a SPECT scan and or medical intervention is warranted.  


The cost includes up to 4 assessment instruments, scoring, and a written or oral review of the results.  The results review includes recommendations for targeted supplements for your specific situation will be discussed to treat your specific brain health situation.  


If medical intervention is warranted a letter to your doctor or psychiatrist can be produced in order to provide for an additional fee which includes information that is critical for the doctor to know in treating your condition.


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